The purpose of this site is to organize one single site for Los Al alumni and supporters to go to for information on reunions, alumni updates, and discover ways to support Los Al High School.

Many graduating classes already have their own individual sites, and if they want to maintain those sites, we will gladly provide a link to those pages. For those classes who wish to do so, we will be happy to host class-specific pages on this site. But we also intend to provide pages that are applicable to all Los Al alumni, not just those from a particular year.

The site is maintained by OUR Los Al, a non-profit whose goal is to support activities and improve facilities at Los Al High School. Over the last seven years we have helped raise nearly $800,000. Part of our original plan was to provide opportunities for Griffin alumni to continue to help support their school, and with this site, we move into that phase.

While we work with district and school officals, OUR Los Al has no direct affiliation with the high school or the district. We set it up that way so we could host events for parents that might involve adult beverages (such as The Taste for Los Al) but still provide distance for school and district administrators.That "distance" could also be advantageous for an alumni website -- especially if someone writes about a detailed account of Friday nights at the Jack in the Box on the alumni forum.