The mission of the Los Alamitos Griffin Hall of Fame is to celebrate and honor the success and outstanding contributions of Los Al High alumni,staff and community supporters.

To be nominated, an alumnus must:

  • be out of high school at least ten years;
  • attended Los Al for at least two years;
  • achieved success at an exceptionally outstanding level during high school, college or post-college;
  • and demonstrated good character.

Faculty and staff nominees must have been at the school at least 15 years, and community members must be individuals who have made unique contributions to the Los Alamitos High School community on a continuing basis.

The list below is the inaugural first class of alumni inductees as chosen by a consensus of the selection committee. Obviously, some very equally if not better qualified alumni are not on this list. That is not only a testament to the quality of Los Al grads, but also insures that we will have an equally prestigious class of inductees in future years.

The first class of faculty and staff members will be chosen by a vote of the alumni who register on our Los Al High School alumni site. For potential faculty members of the Hall of Fame, click here:

Tickets for the inaugural banquet are now available. The event will be held October 15 at The Grand in Long Beach. Seats cost $80 if purchased by October 1, and are $100 afterwards. If you wish to reserve a seat or table contact us or call Karolyn Nelson at (562)598-5677.



Inaugural Class of 2008

sites are being updated as time permits. Please be patient

Yr. Name Activity  

1970 Craig Nickoloff Business  
1971 Jan Fischer Burke novelist, short story author  
  Cathy Rigby McCoy Gymnastics, Entertainment  
1972 Rick Quinn Basketball  
1973 Bayless Conley Evangelist  
1974 Greg Harris Baseball  
1975 Michael Burger
  Craig Chamberlain Baseball  
  Lynne Cox Swimming  
  Jim Main Football  
1976 Charles Treece Horse Racing  
  Chuck White Golf  
1977 Laura Cox Swimming, Water Polo. Biomedical Research  
1978 Kelly McCormick Diving  
1981 Joe Escalante Entertainment/music/radio  
  Rhonda Schwandt Gymnastics  
1985 Tom Bancroft Entertainment/Animation  
  Tony Bancroft Entertainment/Animation  
1986 Rob Katzaroff Football, Soccer, Baseball  
  J.T. Snow Football, Basketball, Baseball  
1987 Robb Nen Baseball  
1988 Janie Eickhoff Quigley Cycling  
  Susan Egan Hartmann Entertainment  
  Mike Kelly Baseball  
1989 Mauricio Ingrassia Soccer  
1990 Hartwell Brown Football  
1993 Tim Carey Football  
  Carrie Dolan Softball  
1995 Liz Willemse Soccer  
1996 Kevin Feterik Football  
1996 Tony Hartley Football  
1997 Matt Morrison Entertainment  
1998 Jaqueline (Jackie) Frank DeLuca Water Polo  
  Matt Komer Basketball, Volleyball  
  Walt Hauenstein (1967-1992)  
  Frank Doretti (1967-1994)  
  Kevin Loftus (1967-current)  
  Al Gragnano (1968-2002)  
  Bob Wilkoff (1968-2001)  
  Ann Ramsburg (1968-2001)  
  Ron Lung (1969-2002)  
  Ann Busenkell (1976-2006)  
  Kathy Wilson (1976-2007)  
  John Barnes (1979-current)  
  Judy Trujillo (1979-2005)  
  Jim Cross (1980-2005)  
  Debbie Fleming (1983-current)  


If you would like to nominate someone for the Los Alamitos High School Hall of Fame, do so here.